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Four Way Video Linkage Network Alarm Host
Model : XR-303C1-420TS



Support telephone line + wired broadband + GPRS triple-network alarm, 4/8/16 cable, 20/16/8 wireless access, 24 zone display, wired / wireless combination

support 4/8 way 1 million -500 million network camera access at the same time, video linkage alarm, support for the latest H.265 video encoding, the country's first WIN10 style interface easy to operate, maximum support 6T large capacity hard drive

support standard ONVIF protocol, each channel using dual stream recording, maximum support 5MP resolution

support user PC client, WEB browser video, remote monitoring intercom, video tour function

support mobile video browsing, monitoring, intercom, video capture and PTZ control

support mobile phone client cloud ID two-dimensional code scanning input

network functions: remote monitoring playback, video download equipment, PTZ control, remote parameter settings

support IE browser, providing up to 10 simultaneous access to the network client

support user group management, you can set multi-level rights management operations

ultra-quiet fan, long life, up to 50,000 hours

support remote remote alarm, control, on-site monitoring, remote operation

network penetration technology: the mainstream technology, self-forwarding streaming media server, using the initiative to report technology to meet the different networks across the network transmission. Routing settings, do not need to do port mapping, plug and play different networks.

network server: video, network alarm, self-built operator server, independent system operation, independent control more secure. Not through third-party backend server.

Intercom propaganda: management platform can be directly intercom propaganda, alarm when the video composite and propaganda, open the siren, but also take the initiative to tour and remote propaganda.

Protection and upgrading: support for tear gas access, the center staff confirmed the police intelligence remote start tear gas, the release of the installation of tear smoke at the scene of the crime, to stop the crime. Effective protection of property from loss, trying to rob criminals played a great deterrent effect!

Automatic Detection Intelligent Wireless Detector (XR-620) battery low voltage and failure, promptly notify the user to deal with

Wireless zone disassembled Tip: The new intelligent wireless detector (XR-620 +) and the new intelligent door sensor (XR-618) tamper function, triggering the tamper button, the detector will send a signal to the host, the host in the non Programming state will be sent to dismantle the information to the alarm platform

support for smoke, gas and other detectors, provide a full range of protection

LED display intuitive and comprehensive display of the host state, through the display that the working status of the zone is normal

Unique design:

product design concept: "alarm" based, "video" supplemented.

AC power after the deal:

 1. The test filter hard disk and infrared camera power consumption, we designed the AC power, the hard disk and the camera programmable to continue working time "5-10 minutes" (optional), and then stop working to ensure that the host alarm circuit to continue jobs.

 2。 AC power, the host comes with high-power backup power output to meet the scene 1-2 road camera work and video, while meeting the light cat and modem power supply to prevent TCP network off network, to ensure smooth network。

  3. In the absence of communication, if the host has an alarm signal, we design the host can immediately start the hard disk and the camera power supply (time optional 5-10 minutes), while the reverse voltage boost design circuit, fully meet the operating voltage.

cat light for a long time there will be stuck phenomenon: Our video host to light cat power supply output "V3", programmable reset timing.

Provide 5V / 12V power supply mode selection: solve the light cat, router power supply problem, at the same time, to solve man-made power off network problems.

Basic Skills:

support WeChat / APP remote control

support micro-channel users disarm control, alarm center to support remote alarm, control.

host mandatory arming, the fault zone can be promptly uploaded to the center for easy maintenance and inspection.

extended drive function: relay linkage, programmable output.

The use of professional industrial-level import optimization module to eliminate automatic shutdown, shutdown phenomenon.

black box function, store up to 128 things information.

can be set 3 timed cloth / disarm time.

can connect network warning signs, light boxes, display the host fabric, disarm, alarm status.

support palm treasure: networking system patrol function。 Support 8 wireless remote control and wireless device code。 With ID / IC card credit card disarm function, you can enter 32 ID / IC card。



1. Power input: DC15V 4A

2。 Backup battery: 12V7AH lead-acid maintenance-free batteries

3。 Auxiliary power output: unregulated 12VDC, maximum 600mA

4. The end of the signal line resistance (programming options): 2K / 3.3K or 10K / 16K

5。 Siren and flash output: unregulated 12VDC, maximum 1A

6。 Chassis material: iron, beige

7. Chassis dimensions: 29 cm x 33.4 cm x 9.1 cm (width x height x thickness)

8。 Keyboard material: ABS plastic

9。 Keyboard volume: 8。6cm X 13。2cm X 2。2cm

10。 Total weight: 3。4 kg (without battery)

The Scope Of ApplicationCity center shops, large and medium-sized factories, financial systems, emergency management centers, hospitals, schools, enterprises, museums, field base stations, etc.

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